If you’re going to be in Atlanta next weekend, and don’t have much going on, we’ve got an idea. If you’re going to be around The Foundry at Puritan Mall, maybe RSVP to try on Google Glass. That’s right, if you schedule an appointment, you can go eyes-on with Google Glass this weekend.

The Glass team is hitting the road to show off their oft maligned device to the masses. Without having to drop a cool $1,500, you’ll have the chance to check out Glass for yourself. These events will be happening in various locations, with the first having been in Durham, North Carolina. The video from that event can be found below.

These are PR events to ease some misgivings about Glass, and might be necessary. Though the program chugs along at a steady pace, bringing important tweaks with each update, Glass has had more bad press than might be deserved. Banned in various locations, with people being dragged from their seats at movie theaters to ticketed while driving with them on (not to mention ed the proposed ban), Glass is likely being thought of as a nefarious device by many.

The events are, as expected, pretty tightly controlled. They’re RSVP only, so not quite the open forum we’d hoped they would be. If you’re interested, reserve a spot via the source link below. If nothing else, you get to see what all the fuss is about, and decide how you really feel about Glass. The newest product from Google is more ‘must experience’ than anything, so if you’re in the area, give it a shot.

VIA: Android Central

Source: Google Glass