Google Glass has always had one question looming: what about those who already wear glasses? Two frames is a bit weird, especially when one is little more than a frame. Also, how would the screen work with those with vision issues? A report from the Wall Street Journal claims Google is on the road to fixing that issue.

Google is said to be in talks with VSP Global, an eye care insurance firm who supply millions of Americans. They also have the benefit of making frames and lenses, and can better integrate Glass with glasses. The report goes on to note that Google is discussing how to integrate Glass into causal frames, for those that want the utility without looking like a cyborg.

VSP’s CEO Robert Lynch notes that discussions have also included best practices for training optometrists. From fitting Glass to patients, to how to take advantage of the small screen Glass provides, optometrists will have a better idea of how to merge the two. Of course, we hope they also make bifocals in the original Glass lens shape for that Kool Moe Dee effect.

The best part is maybe that Glass could come to more traditional frames. We’re not clear if the optometrists will be implementing Glass onto existing frames, or if there will be a line of Google-branded frames for participating optometrists to choose from. Either way, it’s a strong move toward retail for Glass, which we hope to see early next year.