Google has recently shared the story of another involved in the Glass Explorers program. This video details the story of Alex Blaszczuk who is described as being “a New Yorker, a law student, a quadriplegic.” More to the point here, this highlights a story about how Google Glass helps her regain some confidence.

The aspect of the “ifihadglass” program began with those interested sharing details about how they would use Google Glass. In this case, Alex had said that Glass would allow her to capture her life on her own. The other side of that is how she had hoped to use Glass to “show the world how to thrive with physical limitations in the most interesting city on the planet.”

That being said, part of her journey became a camping trip, which just so happens to have been the start of this new journey. Alex goes into how a car ride to a camping trip resulted in an accident that left her paralyzed. She talks about how this is a complete cervical spine fracture that left her wheelchair-bound and unable to use or feel here hands and wrists.

That is where the connection to Glass comes in, and also the part about how she uses this to regain some confidence. The video is on the shorter side, but just highlights how Glass can be used for what many take for granted — the ability to easily capture images or the ability to sit up front in a car and acting as the navigator.

Looking outside of the “ifihadglass” program for a moment and we also saw the OpenGlass project show how Glass can be used for people with visual impairments. That one had Glass being used to tell/show what users were holding and also what was located around them.