Hype, expectations, and wishful thinking are probably not enough to get Google to release its popular Glass device into the wild at the end of the year, as many have been hoping. Sources are now saying that the search giant is planning to make the wearable computer available to consumers in 2014, probably at Google I/O.

During this year’s Google I/O, there has been talk of a 2013 release date being scheduled for Google Glass. Although it does sound nice, it contradicts Google’s Eric Shmidt’s statements in April that Glass is still a good year away, which some even think is a generous estimate. A spokesperson at Google said that the company is continually adjusting timelines in order to build a better product instead of rushing it out the door.

Analysts have praised Google’s decision to delay shipping to focus on quality. Google has been notorious for rushing out products in beta or development quality, not only with their Internet services but also with some actual devices, as exemplified by the Nexus Q. Google Glass, on the other hand, has become so popular that the company can’t afford to put out a half-baked product on the market.

That popularity, and not technical issues, is also being pointed by some as the real culprit behind the delay. Google is probably working more on its marketing, not only trying to figure out how best sell Glass but also how to assuage fears of abuse, privacy issues, and road safety that has already caused some companies and governments to preemptively take action against Google Glass ahead of its release.

SOURCE: Computerworld