Google had offered Glass without invitation during a one-day sale a few weeks earlier, but more recently it seems they had been trying to sell the wearable to golfers. In what was dubbed “the first time they setup a sales display for the public,” Google had a Glass booth setup at The Player’s Championship golf tournament in Ponte Verde Beach, Florida.

There hasn’t been anything official released in terms of sales figures, but it seems this was another attempt at expanding the Explorer program. Google recently mentioned how they “plan to continue to accelerate new ways to expand the program in the weeks and months ahead” and even teased about how “these are exciting times.” More to the point for this most recent sale — Google tried to lure would be buyers in with a freebie.

Those who parted with $1,500 to buy Glass at the tournament received a mini camera accessory that you could clip to your golf club. A tweet coming from Richard Ranick offered a look at the booth setup, which seems to have been fairly low key. As you’ll notice in the image, there were a few Google employees showing off Glass, as well as some boxes of Glass sitting on the table.


Ranick also said one of the reps mentioned that “sales were much better than expected.” Bottom line here, it looks like Google is simply pushing the Explorer program to another crowd of potential users. We cannot help but wonder what type of event will be hosting the next public Glass sales event — and what kind of freebie will be offered during that sale.

VIA: Business Insider, Twitter @triple_r73