Google seems to really be stepping up its Glass activities this month. Earlier this week, a call was put out for Glassware developers to start making Android-based apps for Google’s wearable computer. Now, Google is extending its Glass Explorer Program by sending current Glass owners an invitation that they can share with someone else.

Access to Google Glass have come in rounds, with the first batch placing their orders at Google I/O in 2012. The second round involved the lengthy #ifihadglass contest on Twitter where people shared interesting ways the would use Glass for a chance to win a pair. Around 8000 were chose from hundreds of thousands of entries.

Google is again trying to get Glass into more people’s hands, this time indirectly through current members of the Glass Explorer program. Some owners have received emails containing a greeting, some lighthearted story about taking pictures of friends using Glass, and an invitation to share the Glass experience with a friend. The email lists the requirements to get into the program, such as being a US citizen and at least 18 years old. The invited person should also be able to pick up the device in person in either San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles.

It seems that the invitations are rolling out in waves, as some owners have reported not receiving the emails yet. There is also no indication of how much the would-be owners need to pay, but it will most likely be the same with the rest of the Explorers who paid $1500 for the device.

VIA: SlashGear


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