The latest Google Glass update arrived just a few days earlier. That one was the XE12 update and while we had been seeing an update each and every month, Google will be skipping January. It seems they are considering the XE12 update and the release of the iOS app as two updates and as a result, the next monthly update will come in February.

Details were posted on the +GoogleGlass page where it was said that Glass users now have the update for both December and January. To that point, Google has said this was s little gift for the holidays and they will “see you again with more monthly #glassupdates in February.” This seems more a gift to iOS users here, but at the very least, it is refreshing to see things coming to parity with both mobile platforms.

Sticking with the topic of the iOS app. We did see it briefly appear in the iOS App Store the same day the Google Glass XE12 update landed. In fact, the iOS app arrived a bit ahead of the update. Regardless of the timing though, the app was quickly pulled. Flash forward till today and it has once again arrived, for real this time.

Google has said the MyGlass iOS app is now in the App Store. The app will allow iPhone users to do everything including screencasts and turn-by-turn directions. Key here, the release of the iOS app essentially means iPhone users will be able to setup and manage Glass from the app, as opposed to the web interface. Additionally, the iOS MyGlass app also has options to send alerts from Gmail as well as Google Now and Google+ but does lack one item — text message support. Apple users will be left without iMessage alerts for now.