Seeing through somebody’s eyes is one of the inherent benefits of Google Glass. And nowhere is this feature better demonstrated than in trying to get an almost first-hand experience of how a professional sees his work, as this brief experiment with world-famous chef Jamie Oliver shows.

Jamie Oliver joins Roger Federer as the latest high-profile public personality to take Google’s spectacles for a spin. Last week, the tennis player donned the glasses in a mock tennis match to give viewers a glimpse into the world of professional tennis, at least from Federer’s vantage point. It’s not yet the high tech goggles of sci-fi that will give players stats and other distracting info in the middle of their game. For now, it is merely an interesting and unconventional way of sharing a unique experience.

From outdoor to indoor, Jamie Oliver takes Google Glass to the kitchen in making a delectable salad. Again, no informational or visual aids from Google Glass, at least nothing that viewers will be able to see. All you get is a bit of jumping around as Jamie shows how to peel this or that veggie, measure ingredients, and other parts of the cooking process, all from his point of view.

Of course, Google Glass will hardly help you make your own cooking show, especially one like Jamie’s, which will definitely need more equipment, staff, not to mention other angles that will better show what’s being done compared to a first person view. It does, however, give ideas for homemade instructional videos in the future. And for a “meta” effect, you can even probably watch something like Jamie’s Google Glass-made cooking videos from your own Google Glass to see if what he’s doing is matching up with your own. Just be careful not to cut yourself in the process, of course.

SOURCE: +Google