Get ready for the onslaught of Google Glass news that will surely be arriving daily as we round out the next few weeks and head to Google I/O May 15-17th. We’re expecting big things from Google at the event, and today we’ve just got our first official how-to video of Glass from Google themselves. Can you say Minority Report?

Basically we are getting our very first actual detailed look at Google Glass, how it works navigating through Google Now, weather alerts, friends, photos and more. This isn’t fair Google. I want it now! And surely we aren’t alone with that thought. The video below comes direct from Google and will give you a better idea of life with Glass.

It’s short and sweet, but has already piqued our interest more than it already was. I have a feeling searching through my thousands of friends on G+ might be hard with that touchpad. Thankfully we should be able to use our voice. Google shows us how to navigate the UI with the long touchpad on the side, taps for selecting things and scrolling through cards, and more. Check it out.

Google shows us that the display will be movable to get the optimal display for your face, how you can easily tap and swipe things into focus, or away from your view, and even how to put Glass to sleep. I love it. Does this make you want Glass more, or less? Are you sold yet or waiting for more details before you decide to pick up a pair when retail availability arrives in 2014. That’s a long time to wait. Just a thought.


  1. Couldn’t the touchpad be as thin as the regular “arms” on glasses? It just needs to feel you scrolling up/down/left/right.

  2. Gotta love Google to use Google glass. I don’t. Gotta wait for iGlasses or Windows8MetroTilesSwipeNoStartMenuWaitForWin81RTandRTProWinGlasses. 😉 Till then buy a watch. Also Wifi, battery and cell service are all thing that gotta fit into this thing. Good luck.


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