A big portion of the Google Glass news seems to circle around when they will launch for the public, what the price will be when they arrive and what the next big update will bring in terms of new features. Well, it looks like Google Glass is heading to a handful of nonprofits for some real world problem solving. This setup is being referred to as “Google Giving Through Glass” but it could also do a bit to change the opinion and thoughts that some may have about Glass.

Aside from the topics already mentioned about Glass, this setup could help shift the wearable from being thought of solely as something that a geek with a fat pocket of money wears around town. Anyway, the Google Giving Through Glass initiative will be kicking off with five nonprofits. These include the World Wildlife Fund, Samasource, GiveDirectly, DoSomething! and charity: water.

More important, Google has said each of these nonprofits had “ideas for how Glass can amplify their impact and tackle some complex challenges.” As some will recognize from the nonprofit names, these include everything from providing clean water and conservation, research and restoration of the environment to poverty alleviation in Kenya and rallying youth to support important cause.

While each of these nonprofilts have yet to offer a full breakdown of how Glass will be used and how it will benefit and/or help them, there was a bit of a teaser. Google mentioned how they all hope “to bring more transparency to philanthropy.” And with that, there was also a teaser about how this is only the beginning. For that, Google has set #googlegivingthroughglass as a hashtag for those looking to follow along.

Still, while an interesting project with potential, we remain curious to see how these nonprofits will be fitting Glass into their work.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass