It is that time of the month again for Google Glass. What time is that? Update time! They promised updates every month and so far have been right on track with them, even though this time they’re a little late with XE9 arriving today, September 10th. Google’s just announced a massive update with tons of changes and features you won’t want to miss.

The brand new update rolling out today introduced plenty of those most requested features. Things like audio and sound search, not to mention photo Vignetting since we can’t have those usual Instagram filters on glass. As you can see above a quick “Make Vignette” command will allow you to capture an image, as well as what’s on your display at the same time. Neat right.

New long press and swipes on the touchpad will allow for song searches and command such as, “OK Google Glass, what’s this song?” The Make Vignette feature is one many users have been asking for, and Google’s happy to finally provide it, among other things. Here’s a few more examples.

Sadly we don’t have full YouTube access, but Google’s added the option for YouTube video results in some of your search results. Minimal video results will be displayed, and the usual taps for pause/play will be available. Hopefully we’ll get the full experience soon enough.

Lastly Google Apps accounts have been added, although it is still in a beta stage. Things like email and some services are working, but it’s still a work in progress. A quick wipe of the device after updating will let you use a Google Apps account. We can’t wait to see what they add next month with XE10, but for now enjoy the latest and greatest. More details below.

VIA: Google Glass