Games have yet to really arrive for Google Glass. We have heard talk about some concepts, however it remains a category that has yet to get any real sign of life. Of course, in some sense the same can be said about everything dealing with Glass. That aside, it looks like a company called BrickSimple has recently begun showing a game called GlassBattle.

The game is described as being Battleship-like and is said to be a “fully functional glassware application” (as opposed to being a concept or mock-up). Needless to say, due to the limitations of the Mirror API, the folks at BrickSimple are unable to share this game with others at this time. That brings the next point here, GlassBattle is a two-player game that uses the Mirror API. Or a bit simpler, GlassBattle is a turn-based game that syncs over the internet.

The demo video (sitting above) offers a look at how the game is played. The example here shows one user being in the grocery store and the other user walking outside around a pond. The concept is simple and for a lack of better description, is like Battleship. Users each have their own grid of ships and are then able to call strikes.

The strikes are based on the grid and things will flip back and forth between users with each having their turn to call in a new strike. After you call in your strike you see if you had a hit or miss. And on the flip side, your opponent will also see whether their ship had been hit with the previous strike.

Getting back to the setup here, the video stresses the point about how there are no native application pieces involved. This game uses just the Mirror API. There is also talk about how a person can be gaming while experiencing the world and while wearing Glass. With that in mind, while neat to see, the real question will be whether we need to be actively playing a game while walking around wearing Google Glass.

VIA: ars technica