With the tightly controlled Google Glass environment, Google made a few things impossible to do. One of those things was to transfer your device to another person, which was understandable considering the scope of the project, but made people wonder if that would carry through past the Explorer program.

With a recent change to the Google Glass FAQ page, that stance is relaxing. Like many things having to do with Google Glass, the hard-line approach to transferring a set of Glass has also softened. From the FAQ page:

Q. Is it OK for Explorers to try and sell their devices online? Will you disable the devices if they do this?

A: The Explorer program is about taking Glass out in the world and seeing what’s possible with the technology. We hope our Explorers are excited to do just that. While it’s against our terms of service to sell your device, we don’t plan on disabling any Explorer’s device.

While not a glowing endorsement to sell your Glass, it’s also a little more approachable for those who want to bequeath their Explorer seat to another. This may be a necessary change, too, considering the program opening up to more people. Google recently let Explorers invite three additional people into the program, growing it exponentially.

Google is also set to open up the Glass SDK, which should give Developers a strong inroad toward another avenue of monetization. With such expansion, people are going to want a way to leave the program, and this softening of a staunch rule allows for that.