Google, coming by way of the Glass Explorers, has shared a new list of sorts. The list details a bit about what should be expected when wearing Glass. Basically, a list of do’s and don’ts with a key option to not be “creepy or rude.” This plays to the whole ‘glasshole’ term, but basically has Google reminding Explorers to respect others, be polite, and don’t get snappy.

This all seems to play into the whole Explorer aspect, in that you are wearing a product that is likely to not be seen all that often. And as such, others will likely have some questions. Google makes a point to tell Explorers how “a quick demo can go a long way.” Also, reminding Explorers that some places do not allow cell phone cameras and as such, you should also turn Glass off, or take them off completely.

To that point, it was said that “breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass.” It may also ruin the opportunity for future Glass wearers to be treated with respect. After all, another of the points here is about how you should not expect to be able to wear Glass and be ignored. Then there is the obvious — don’t wear Glass while doing high-impact sports. Anyway, while this isn’t the entire list of don’ts, there is also the other side, the do’s.

This list includes reminders about experiencing the world around you, taking advantage of Glass voice commands, using the screen lock, and being an active and vocal member of the Glass community. The do list also includes a reminder about asking for permission. That last one sort of goes back to the whole aspect of not being rude. But either way, it is important to remember that Glass is still pretty new. Again, still something not seen in public by many.

Anyway, current Glass Explorers, as well as those who are hopeful to have a pair in the future should check the full list. And lastly, Google did make it clear this is still a work in progress.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass