Another new app has arrived for Google Glass users. This latest is called DriveSafe for Glass. As the name would suggest, this one is aimed at driving safer. The DriveSafe app aims to help keep one from falling asleep while driving. On the flip side, it also warns how the app is “not guaranteed to stop you from falling asleep.”

With that distinction made clear, DriveSafe does a few simple things. To begin with, it will provide an alert should you start falling asleep. The alert will be audible and triggered by the bone conducting speaker built-into Google Glass. Perhaps equally as important as that audible alert, the app will also help navigate you to the nearest rest area so you can get some sleep.


The DriveSafe app is able to be sideloaded onto Glass and once installed, it can be activated by saying “OK Glass, keep me awake.” The warnings make it pretty clear the development team is not responsible for keeping you from falling asleep while driving. But at the same time, it is refreshing to see a Glass app that goes against what we are often seeing in terms of driving with Glass.

More and more talk of Glass while driving seems to be pointing to the wearable as being distracting. Granted, DriveSafe doesn’t take any of that away, but on the flip side, it does provide a key feature that could potentially help to save a life. Of course, that is assuming the driver takes the warning and uses the follow-up steps to find that safe place to rest.

VIA: Gigaom

SOURCE: DriveSafe For Glass