Even though you may be a heavy Google user, chances are you don’t actually use their official Calendar app on your smartphone or tablet because there are more better-designed and integrated apps out there. But they are trying to change people’s attitude towards the Google Calendar app, and the latest update features new features and also a new look to entice you to actually use it as your main app for events and schedules. The Gmail app has also been updated and it is now a bit more inclusive of non-Gmail accounts.

The Google Calendar app has a new feature called Assist which is basically auto-completing your events as you type it in. It will give suggestions of contacts, places, and titles as you input a specific event, and over time, it will learn your preferences and make better auto-complete options. Your email also integrates seamlessly now with your Calendar, so your flight details or other scheduling notifications will be pulled into the calendar. No need to switch windows and copy paste. But the best update probably is the Schedule View which shows illustrations, photos and maps of your events so it’s easier to look at your schedule in a glance.


Despite the push for Inbox, Google’s new email app that is separate from the Gmail app (we’re still a bit confused too), they are still giving updates to the “original” app. It has a sleeker design, adapting the Material Design even more to its transitions and icons. It also now has a more convenient reply button and it’s also easier to switch between accounts. And speaking of accounts, your non-Gmail emails can also now be added so you can view even your Yahoo, Outlook.com, etc in a separate inbox on your Gmail app.

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While all these are exciting developments for Google fans, you have to be patient a little longer as the updates will roll out in the next few days or even weeks. But if you’re one of the few whose devices are already on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new features are now visible. For us lesser human beings, we have to wait until it comes to us.

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DOWNLOAD: Google Calendar 5.0 / Gmail 5.0