Google added new game statistics (for developers) back in March. Essentially, this meant game developers (on Android, iOS and the web) were able to get access to certain stats provided they implemented Google Play Games. Well, flash forward till the present day and it looks like Google will be offering developers a bit more insight.

As this is something aimed specifically at developers, it isn’t something the end users are going to see anywhere. More to the point of this post — this is just to let users know what information developers could be collecting about you. This latest update means developers will be able to see details on country, age and gender.

If you happen to be a developer you’ll be able to see these demographics in the Overview stats as well as in the Players reports for both New and Active users. The previous and initial release for these stats (from back in March) included details on signed in users, daily active users, retention analysis and achievement, and leaderboard performance.

While we suspect some will take issue with game developers being able to collect even more — this data could help to improve certain aspects of games. Using the Google provided example and this means game developers could use the ‘country’ breakdown to improve translations in markets that happen to be doing better than others.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog