Google has rolled out a neat new feature for Chromebook users. Starting today, and lasting through the end of September, select Chromebook users can get a free 60 day pass to All Access. In looking through the list of Chromebooks which can take advantage, we’re not seeing many that won’t get the option to try All Access out.

Even the older Samsung Chromebook will get All Access for 60 days. The Chromebook Pixel is also there, as are — well, all the Chromebooks, it seems. Google didn’t say every Chromebook would be eligible, but it looks as though they are. This offer is for new All Access subscribers, with existing customers being left to their monthly subscription plan.

After the 60 day trial ends, Google notes the plan will automatically switch over to a paid plan. The $9.99/month will automatically be billed to your card on file, unless you cancel before it switches over. If you’re not interested in paying for All Access, Google suggests you make changes to your Play Music profile just before it switches to paid.

If you’ve ever taken advantage of an All Access offer — like many I/O attendees did — you’re also ineligible for this one. This is for Chromebook owners who have no signed up for All Access, which we can only assume is a very niche demographic. Even with a growing fanbase of Chrome OS devotees, those who want All Access is likely a very small percentage.

We like All Access quite a bit, and the increasing library makes it one of the better paid options around. Though it doesn’t have everything we want, the low monthly payment keeps us around. If you haven’t yet given All Access a shot, you should. Paid or not, it’s definitely a service to check out.

Source: Google