For those of you who are still using Google+, they have good news for you. It seems that Google’s relatively failed social network is still up and running and they’re not giving up on it despite its notorious unpopularity. In fact, they have given it a coding overhaul in its latest update and while there are no new features or major changes, those with keen eyes will notice the improvements. They still haven’t found the secret to getting more people to use it though, and this update will only appeal to those who still actually use it.

You’ll only notice the changes in the app when you really look closely. Rendering and scrolling are two things that have supposedly improved. The photo lightbox has also been redesigned and the comment options now slide up from the bottom sheet. Speaking of comments, those grey-spammed ones can also now be viewed by the post author. Other than those, there aren’t that many things to look for with this update.

But since the codebase has been updated and should be easier to work with, then we might see more regular updates and new features. But also since they’ve basically rewritten the code for the app, then expect to see some issues as they work through it. When you leave a comment on a post, it will cause a full refresh to include your comment.

If you still use Google+, then update it to the latest version. If you don’t (like probably most of us), then carry on.

SOURCE: Google


  1. What a crappy attitude on this article… You added some actual info & then your blatant obvious dislike of G+ …
    Maybe your opinion should be given on other social sites since G+ isn’t your thing…??

  2. The sad part of this article is thinking G+ is a social network exclusively. It is more a venue for articles and areas of interest with a social aspect attached. It is not a Facebook competitor IMO. FYI other platforms tried the concept of circles and failed miserably. This is the only platform that does it right.


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