Today Google has released their newest commercial on the world. Only this time it isn’t about Google Chrome or the Nexus 7, instead it’s about their somewhat popular (ok not really) social network Google+ and the accompanying app. The new TV spot shows us just how great it really is, we just wish more people used it.

The video you’ll see below is essentially showing off some of the epic features that actually makes Google+ so awesome, and much better than Facebook. Don’t get me started on that one though. From video chat, awesome HD images and more Google+ for Android is quite awesome. Lets take a peek at Google’s new video:

The video shows off the instant photo upload features, video chat and more. You’ll quickly notice the video starts with a Galaxy S III from the back that magically becomes the Galaxy Nexus from the front — maybe a Galaxy Nexus II? Doubtful. We’ll forgive the obvious mistake and just remain hopeful for a Galax Nexus 2.

So we must pose the question. Do you actually use Google+? We know many of the Android diehards all love and use the service, but that’s about it. I do have one family member that uses it on occasion, but that’s only because I do. Google+ is growing quite quickly but still no where near the users of Facebook. Be sure to follow us for all your Android news at +AndroidCommunity