It seems like a long time since we’ve seen a good Android concept device, or at least one that isn’t an obvious derivative of an existing handset.  Thankfully designer Tryi Yeh has stepped forward with his Google-G0 concept, a touchscreen-dominated slider with a wireless charging cradle.

Yeh is short on description for his concept, but going from the images he envisages the G0 seemingly including all the usual Google apps together with Flash support.  The hardware slides open to reveal the camera (of unspecified resolution) and a row of four hardware buttons which can – thanks to embedded displays – offer various contextual controls.

The docking station seems modular, either taking the form of a basic wireless dock similar to the Palm Pre’s Touchstone charger, or attaching to a larger desktop display with integrated speakers.  Unfortunately, this eye-catching smartphone is just a concept.

[via Generation MP3]


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