As Google is part of the bigger Alphabet group of companies, the search giant is also creating small startups within its realm of influence. It’s been part of recent rumors – and has now been officially confirmed – that Google is funding a secret social gaming startup called Arcade, led by one Michael Sayman. He is a 21-year-old wunderkind who jumped over to Google from being a Facebook intern at 17.

Arcade is slated to debut its first game this summer, although there is no information yet on a specific date of launch. A Google spokesperson confirmed the existence of Arcade, saying it was “focused on mobile gaming with friends,” without elaborating on specific products. “It’s a very early experiment so there aren’t many details to share right now.” It is rumored that the game will have elements of a trivia game.

Arcade is part of an effort within Google called Area 120, which is a division where employees can work on small startups still within Google. Sayman originally joined Google to be part of the Google Assistant team. As it is, Sayman gets to lead Arcade and hire his own staff for marketing, design, and other essentials to build up the startup with less risk – since the cost will be covered by Google.

Only time will tell if Arcade will flourish or not – the first game app will be a big signal for that. Startups within Area 120 would have the possibility of either being integrated with Google, or being closed down if the potential fails to materialize.

VIA: Bloomberg