It’s that time again when students are moaning that they have to get up early in the morning again and do things like study. But it’s that time also when teachers are scrambling to get all the tools that they need in order to keep their students interested and learning. Google for Education is introducing some new tools that they can use to engage and to bring another level of learning for their students in an age when everything digital can be a competition and also a tool, if used right.

Google Classrooms now has email summaries to help parents be updated with how their kids are doing. It will automatically send summaries of the students’ work with their parents and guardians, as well as other important class announcements. The mobile app meanwhile has a new feature where teachers can annotate documents so the students will better understand complex ideas and lessons. Students meanwhile will be able to sketch out math problems, create visuals, and basically complete their assignments from their devices. Teachers can grade and give comments as well through the annotations.


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Expeditions is another new feature that teachers can use to get students interested in faraway places like the Himalayas, explore history like that of the Taj Mahal , travel to places as far as the moon, and understand complex ideas like the human vascular system. It will soon be available for mobile devices as well so teachers can easily share it with students who have their tablets as well.


Other new features from Google for Education include a more organized Google Classrooms, Cast for Education where you can wireless share your mobile screen on the bigger screen, the ability to add images on Google Forms which can be used for exams and assignments. Inbox by Gmail will also now be rolling out to Google for Education users so all notifications and emails from there will be grouped together in your inbox.

SOURCE: Google