When Google Photos arrived on the scene back in 2015, it had some of the photo backup functionalities of Google+. And for a lot of the users of Google’s “social network” that meant they could either continue using Google+ or just switch to this new, shiny product for their cloud photo needs. But three years later, it looks like they will be retiring that functionality among other things. So if you still haven’t begun using Google Photos, now is the time to do so.

If you’ve never used Google+, one of its most useful features was backing up your photos from your device, editing them, and then sharing them on your network (and others). Google eventually used these features to create Google Photos and the world of photo storage solutions was never the same again. Well, so far. And now Google is about ready to retire Google+, at least for the older versions of Android.

The email states that if your device is running on Android 7.5 and older, then Google+ will no longer work. So if you’re still using it to back up your photos, you will no longer be able to do so by May 20. It should not affect the photos that you’ve previously backed up. So you should probably transfer them to Google Photos if you haven’t yet. If you’re using version 1.25 and above, it is automatically backed up.

We don’t know if and when Google+ will eventually be killed off for good, but this seems to be the first step towards it. Some say in the light of all the Facebook stuff going on that it can experience a resurrection of some sorts. Any of you still using the network until now?

VIA: 9 to 5 Google


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