For constant and even occasional travelers, probably one of the most annoying things they can experience is delayed flights. It can be especially stressful if you don’t know why it’s actually delayed. The latest new feature of Flights by Google will not be able to stop these instances, but at least you’ll be updated and you will be able to deal with these delays. You can also now view what are other options included in “Basic Economy” flights from American, Delta, and United.

Flights already include details about delays, but now they are adding improvements to the service. The reasons for the delays will also be indicated for your sort of peace of mind. But even more importantly, they will offer delay predictions based on the historic flight data and other factors that their machine learning algorithms will take into consideration. They will only flag these delays if they are 80% confident in their prediction. It will help travelers manage their expectations. But Google will still send you reminders to get to the airport with enough time to spare.

For those who are traveling on a budget, it’s also important to understand what are the add-on options for fares like “Basic Economy”. Flights now has that information, like seat selection, baggage fees, etc. However, the information is only available for American, Delta, and United flights only.

If you haven’t tried Flights yet, just go to so you can explore all the features that it offers. They also have an updated beta version, but it’s only available for selected countries as of now.

SOURCE: Google