You’ve probably been using Google Fit to keep track of all your fitness activities through your connected devices. However, just as important as staying fit and active is also resting. The latest update to the app now allows you to not just connect other sleep tracking apps that you already use but also to use the app itself to help keep track of your sleeping habits and history. The update also brings one of the most requested app features now: a dark mode option.

Google Fit can now monitor your sleep activity and patterns together with the other activities you do to keep yourself healthy. If you’re using another sleep app previously, you can now connect it to the app so you can have everything in just one place. You will be able to also add, edit, or access your sleep history through the journal feature of the app. You’ll also see charts that will help you better understand your sleep patterns.

As with a lot of Google’s first party apps, Google Fit also now gets a dark mode. This has been a pretty popular request for most of the apps nowadays and it’s apt that you get it in a fitness app since it should help you wind down at night and will also lessen the strain on your eyes especially if you’re in a room with less lights. And of course, it should be able to improve your battery life. Just go to the settings to turn on the dark mode.

These aren’t life-changing new additions to the Google Fit app but it should make it even more useful for current users and might even get new users to try it out and maybe make it their fitness app of choice. Of course, you can connect your smartwatches and fitness wearables to it as well so if you don’t like your device’s app, you can always just view fitness-related things through the Google Fit app.

You can update the app from the Google Play Store or wait for it to roll out to you.