It’s taking Google some time to catch up to the fact that some of the apps in their Play Store are actually illegal or at the very least encourage illegal behavior. But at least they’re starting to crack down on apps that can be considered dangerous and inappropriate. The latest one that they’re focusing on are apps that let you create fake IDs. In the latest addition to their developer policy center, they are now banning these fake ID apps like Fake ID Generator, Fake ID Card Maker, and other similar ones.

From the names of the apps itself, you would already know what it is for and obviously, it’s nothing good. And even if most of them are of poor quality that you won’t get past a bouncer at any reputable club, the fact that developers are making them and that people are actually downloading them. So now Google is saying that they will not allow apps that aim to mislead people including apps that generate aforementioned fake IDs, social security numbers, passports, diplomas, credit cards, and drivers’ licenses.

Some developers will probably try to work around this by saying that their app is just a prank and not to be used illegally, but Google already foresaw that. They say that even if you put the word prank or for entertainment purposes only on your description, it will not exempt you from their policies. Google is already starting to remove these fake ID apps so if you still see some, you can report it.

Of course, this is only on the Google Play Store and it will not stop these shady developers from making the app available elsewhere. And it will not stop naive people from thinking the apps can produce quality fake IDs or whatever.

VIA: Android Police