The only other commercial of a “Nexus” device seen so far was of the Nexus S 4G, and it wasn’t even sponsored by Google. Well, that changes soon with a couple cleverly funny commercials made by the manufacturer. The first commercial embedded below is my favorite – a child tries unlocking his father’s Galaxy Nexus using the face unlock feature by making faces towards the Nexus. When all fails, he hopelessly hands the device over to his dad and finally gets to use the device. We all saw a commercial like this coming, and it was produced perfectly.

The second advertises Google+ Hangouts on the Galaxy Nexus, a great feature to video chat with multiple people. Whether you need to schedule a meeting with co-workers or just talk with a bunch of friends – Hangouts on the Galaxy Nexus will make it seamless. If it works half as well as it does in the commercial, then it would be safe to say video chatting on a mobile device has come a long way.

Unlike the other phones currently advertised, these two commercials actually bring brand new features to the table. I foresee this as the future trend with Google innovation products such as the Nexus. These commercials will have to satisfy you all for now, but check back in the morning for our unboxing of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus! It took quite a long time for Verizon to finally release the device – and some thought this day would never come. Take a look at the timeline below:

[via Phandroid]