The folks from Google have a lot of different projects going on and while Field Trip might be getting overshadowed by Project Glass, it’s a neat app that has just received a nice little update this week. Field Trip is Google’s virtual guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you and launched back in September For the fans out there, you’ll be happy to know it got a nice set of new notification and snooze options recently.

Developed by Google’s Niantic Labs, who also is behind Ingress, Field Trip is a neat way to explore the world around you and find awesome places for a drink, historic landmarks, and multiple other things. It really is a virtual tour guide for anything and everything in your city. Today we have more sources to bring you even more content too.

For those enjoying the application Field Trip will now pull information from the Art Nerd New York, Cultureist, Mad Girl Eats, Weekend Sherpa, Wilderness Press and more along with everything else previously available. Then to make things even better (or finally good) the notification system was completely reworked. Before this app notified me a little too much and quickly got the uninstall, but now they’ve added snooze options and more to make it worth a second look.

Now notifications can be configured to go off but not wake up your smartphone display to save battery, as well as come through as standard Android notifications. Then they’ve added Snooze so it won’t keep bugging you while you’re enjoying that view of the Grand Canyon. When receiving a notification, a new unlock slider lets you swipe right to unlock, left to dismiss, or up to snooze. Once you snooze a notification it won’t bother you for the rest of the day.

The notification system was one of the biggest complaints for users that loved Field Trip, but felt it was a bit intrusive and always bugging them. This should certainly improve the overall user experience so hit the link below and give it another try today.

[via Play Store]