Google Fi Suspected Spam Protection

From Project Fi to Google Fi, Google’s very own MVNO telecom service in the United States has never failed to come up with great offers, high-speed data coverage whether local or international, and easy group plans. The prices are affordable and well worth your money. Not all of the US is covered yet but coverage has been expanding. More devices are also being added to the list of supported phones including the iPhones. Google is offering more updates by delivery Fi features to more phones.

One of the more important features Google Fi can offer is spam protection. No need to worry about those frequent spam and unwanted calls because you can easily block them now. All Fi-enable phones can take advantage of spam call warnings. You can also block specific numbers.

The Google Fi is also extending WiFi calling to all Android devices. This also includes the enhanced VPN network that more consumers can use, this way, no other people, device, or network can see your activities.

WiFi calling is convenient because even with only WiFi, you can make and receive calls. This may be useful because there are times when you lose cellular coverage but the device can still connect to a nearby WiFi network. All these features can be accessed now. Download the Google Fi app first and explore if you don’t have it yet.