Google Family Link March 2021 Update

A year into this pandemic, a lot has changed already. Most people around the world are staying at home. The enterprise, business, and education have shifted in several ways. The world is surviving, adapting, and thriving. Even technology has changed in time of Covid. We’ve shared with you before what has happened so far but more have happened since then. As for Google, it continues to develop new products and services to ensure the whole family is provided the right tools for work, school, business, or entertainment.

Google will continue to help families. The threat of the coronavirus is still not over so with most people staying at home, we need to adapt further. The tech giant is helping the parents and guardians to provide children a safer experience online.

Family Link Update

Family Link has been introduced with parental control. Teacher-approved apps are now listed on the google Play Store. For the children, there is Google TV kids profiles and Google Kids Space. More content, tools, and resources are available.

Google Families

Google is launching the The website carries resources for the whole family. Kids who started to use the technology may benefit from this. Family Link is receiving a bunch of update. There’s also a new content series for practicing mindfulness.

The website is a one-stop resource for technology. It offers detailed guides for kids’ technology use prepared by some top organizations like Family Online Safety Institute, ConnectSafely, Headspace, and Common Sense Media. Read up on tips to manage digital wellbeing and online safety.

The Family Link parental controls now include “always allowed” for apps you want your kids to always use. This can be helpful even when the time limit is over. Just make sure the app is still educational and age-appropriate and, of course, is important.

Regular reports also now come with more details. So you can see how a kid is spending his time on a particular app or game. You can also now set screen time limits from a child’s device.


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