One of the more interesting features of Gmail, as many of you already know, it that it lets you make voice calls in addition to just sending off emails. Google allows free domestic calls within the US and Canada, which is a major bonus, but today it announced that the free calls won’t be ending anytime soon. Google has revealed that it will extend free domestic calling for the US and Canada through 2013.

So, users will have another free year of calls to look forward to at the least. We wouldn’t be surprised if Google opts to continue offering the popular feature as we move into 2014, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, just know that Google isn’t planning to pull the plug in the near future.

In the surprisingly short post over on the Official Gmail Blog, Google also pointed to the fact that you can get pretty low rates in other areas of the world. Though free calling is only offered within the US and Canada, Google Voice currently allows for calling in places like Mexico, India, Germany, and France, with rates ranging from 15 cents per minute all the way down to just 1 cent per minute if you’re calling someone in the US.

We’re pretty big fans of Google Voice and Gmail in general, so it’s great to hear that US and Canadian users have more free domestic calls to look forward to. We’re sure we’ll be hearing more about both services soon, but in the meantime, be sure to have a look at our story timeline below for additional information on Gmail and Google Voice!


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