Not to be confused with NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD, Google has just strengthened its Project Shield program. It’s a special effort that aims to help detect and filter possible attacks on websites focusing on human rights and news. It takes advantage of the security infrastructure of Google to make sure DDoS attacks will fail. It also aims to eliminate DDoS as a form of censorship according to an executive of the search giant.

Just about anyone can create new information and disseminate them to all the ends of the earth via the Internet. The web is an important tool for news organizations especially because sharing information is easier today. Unfortunately, some online resources can be compromised and that is why Project Shield is here to help those news sites free and protected from possible DDoS attacks.

Google worked with Project Shield testers initially to make sure that websites are safe and always online during attacks. More news sites are given access to Project Shield as part of expansion. A DDoS attack happens when a party wants to make a particular online service unavailable from some reason.

If you’re a company representative or just about an ordinary geek, you can have your website approved and checked by Project Shield. Feel free to apply and wait if site is approved before you can configure Project Shield. Google will send you the details for configuration via email.

google project shield 2

The idea of Project Shield is to protect journalism, as well as, improve the state of the Internet. If you care about the whole web, make sure you stay away from possible threats. Internet should be free and open all the time so do everything in your power to protect the flow of information.

SOURCE: Google, Project Shield