Google is slowly but surely making some changes and transitions over at Motorola Mobility. After snatching the company and all their patents up last year for about $12.5 billion we’ve been waiting to see some actual results from the purchase. Back in May the deal was finalized and they replaced the CEO with their own Dennis Woodside, and today another Googler is taking on VP of Products.

A Googler by the name of Punit Soni is the new man in charge over at team Moto. He’s been known for playing a huge roll in Android as a whole, as well as the Google Apps ecosystem — so we are extremely excited to see him helping Motorola get back to the top. This is a good sign of things to come.

The folks at The Verge spotted a change in his LinkedIn account where he changed his status to the new role of VP. Soni himself briefly explained what we can expect his roles and responsibilities to be — and here’s what he had to say:

Responsible for all things software at Motorola Mobility

I am a general manager responsible for all aspects of the product development including crafting strategy, building teams and executing to go to market.

The fact that Soni has worked closely with Google and some of their Android apps gives us hope that he can continue to help Motorola with their own unique version of Android. Their user interface changes while improving, are still certainly not my favorite. Hopefully Punit Soni can bring some needed improvements to Motorola Mobility as a whole, as well as all their upcoming products. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Motorola DROID Nexus.