What do ten billion downloads look like? For one Google graphic designer who’s probably created enough home page doodles to last well into the next decade, it looks something like this. Not content to provide dozens and dozens of the most popular paid apps for just a dime, Google released a gigantic infographic to better illustrate the rapid progress of the Android Market, not to mention the diversity of its users.

Not only does the graphic show how many and what kind of apps are being downloaded, and from which country, but there are some colorful statistics from individual apps as well. For example, users of IMDb have spent just shy of 2 million hours browsing movies, TV shows and thespians in the last four months. In Can Kockdown (the sequel to which you can pick up for just ten cents today) 10 billion cans have been demolished. If drivers in the Asphalt series of racing gamer were real, they’d have accrued more than three billion dollars in tickets by now.

While Android still has the most users in its US home, the Asian market has apparently exploded with enthusiasm for Android apps. Distributed across users in every country, South Korea (home of Samsung and LG) leads the pack, with Hong Kong and Taiwan (home of HTC) rounding out the top three. The United States didn’t even finish in the money. Games made up a huge percentage of downloaded apps at 25.6%. and perhaps the most impressive stat of all: it took Android two years to get to just 1 billion app downloads, and less than a year and a half later, it’s reached the 10,000,000,000 download mark. Huzzah.