Google has launched its much-anticipated Google eBookstore, complete with an ereader app for Android (and one for iOS too). Users will be able to choose from more than three million titles – including hundreds of thousands for sale – made up of public domain classics and brand new bestsellers.

If you don’t have an Android 2.1+ or iOS device, you can use Google’s eBooks Web Reader for cloud-based ereading in the browser. The Google eBookstore is initially only available in the US.


  1. Google’s approach is to let you only have the right to read, not possess the book you buy.
    You can read if you have internet available.

    You do not have any storage options to read when you are traveling in your car, camping, in flight, on a cruise, during power outages, or where ever you must incure high internet access fees.

    I think if that is the option the value of their books, tanks.

    If I purchase a book I need to have it where and when I want to read.

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