A new version of Google Earth is now available and it has been updated and optimized for the larger screens of android tablets, more specifically Android 3.0 Honeycomb. I remember when Google Earth first launched I loved it, and the thought of it on my G1 was awesome. Now it is available for most android phones and it shows how powerful it and android truly is. Google has updated it for not only the larger screens, but the more powerful processors we are seeing also.

They have introduced some pretty cool things like fully textured 3D buildings, so your tour through the streets of Manhattan or Las Vegas will look more realistic than ever. Some of the other much welcomed changes are things like the “Action Bar” up top that will allow users to fly to their location, quick toggles for different layers such as the new 3D buildings and more.

Google mentions, “Moving from a mobile phone to a tablet was like going from a regular movie theatre to IMAX”, and that the entire experience has been increased and is great on the larger screen. I’d have to completely agree with them. Just as the photo above shows, I tried the fly to location feature and went to the Colosseum as they mention and pictured above. It sure is awesome. Being able to float around and see it in full 3D is quite fun. Then i took off and went over to the Trevi Fountain in Italy, that is a sight to see if you haven’t done it with Google Earth already. Get the new app in the Android Market now by clicking here.

[via Google Blog]



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