Google has just issued an update to the popular Google Earth application for Android. Nothing comes close to beating Google Earth and this latest update makes it even better. With gestures, social integration and sharing, Earth Gallery and more it truly has some awesome features you wont want to miss on this latest version.

Google Earth version 6.2 you can now simply and easing share saved views, or current viewing state right on Google +, or other social network sites. Google has also added new scroll, pinch and zoom gestures for even easier navigation. Obviously with most updates they also state stability and performance improvements across the board. Things are running extremely smooth here on my Galaxy Nexus.

The biggest feature is probably the integration of the Google Earth Gallery. We’ve seen this before with 3D views of Rome and things of that sort but now you can access and enjoy entire galleries right on your mobile device. With Earth Gallery you can tour with multiple layers things such as real time flights, earthquake, and city tours. With the full gallery available right in the menu setting on Google Earth you can instantly go to the entire gallery and select what you’d like to see.

Pretty neat stuff Google. I love using this application to look up things, including my childhood home. If you haven’t tried Google Earth on Android before or want to enjoy the latest version hit the Android Market Google Play Store link below.

Google Earth


  1. I would like to know why earth and maps are still operating as stand alone services. They should merge them and use web gl to make maps look amazing with all the features of earth.


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