If geography wasn’t your best subject in high school, you’d probably want to skip this new Google Earth feature (unless you want to improve or something). You can now answer some fun, geography quizzes courtesy of their partnership with Atlas Obscura, a site that features hidden locales around the globe. This is still part of the year-long “rebranding” that Google Earth has been undergoing, which included updated 3D and 2D imagery, interactive tours with Voyager, nature cams, and other features to make it more interesting and useful.

The geography quizzes are in multiple choice format and aims to highlight the “most beautiful – and intriguing – places on the planet”. Atlas Obscura is of course the percy partner for that. For its initial run, the questions focus on natural geography and if you’re answering this on mobile, you’ll see the questions displayed with 3D imagery. Google says you can also refer to Twitter if you get stuck, although of course you can always Google it directly.

When you answer questions correctly, you level up of course. For example you become an Atlas Ace when completing 7 out of 7 questions. Even better, they will recommend other places you can look up that may be related to some of the questions you answered. And even if you don’t get some of the questions right, the point is to learn about these probably obscure places you may know nothing about.

Google will be adding new quizzes every week. By mid-May, they will be all about “magnificent castles and palaces around the world” to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding of a certain Prince and an American actress.

SOURCE: Google