While Google Street View and Google Earth already give us a good view of whichever place we want to take a look at almost anywhere in the world, there is also nothing like seeing those places through the lens of another person who is actually there or who have been there. Google Earth now includes a global map of crowdsourced photos which you can consult when making travel plans, doing research for school, or just dreaming about another place far away from your home.

When you open your Google Earth app on your Android phone or when you go to Google Earth on your Chrome browser, turn on the Photos toggle from the main menu. As you look at specific places, you can zoom in and see relevant photos from those places. If you want to have a closer view, just click on the thumbnail and it will take you to a full-screen view. You can then flip through other photos from that area.

The photos come from those already uploaded on Google Maps by Local Guides. Google Earth used machine learning to choose the photos and then bring them to Google Earth. So if you want your photos to also appear in the places you’ve been to, you can start uploading the really good ones on Google Maps.

There are already millions of photos that can be seen on Google Earth, but they will be adding more photos every day. So go and explore the entire planet not just through real-time imagery but also through the photos of other contributors.

SOURCE: Google