Many of you might have missed this neat new feature during Google’s IO announcements of Jelly Bean, and in case you did Google’s released their own Shazam or SoundHound like feature called Sound Search — or Google Ears. This music listening and tagging service has been built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but thanks to a few devs from XDA can be used on all ICS devices and ROMS.

Yup, just like Shazam or SoundHound Google Ears will listen and analyze a song for you, rather quickly, and then bring up the artist, album and a direct link to the Google Play Store so you can buy it. It seems to work just as quickly as SoundHound, and better than Shazam — so it’s definitely worth a try.

It doesn’t offer any history or previous tags like competing apps, but a direct one click link to the Play Store to buy the song is quite nice. It was pulled and ported for rooted devices but this latest APK will work on stock and rooted phones and tablets. Anyone with ICS or an ICS ROM can enjoy Google Ears today. Go ahead and download the APK below, then check for the widget and add it to the homescreen of your choice.

Google Ears APK: Download

[via Mobilephonefans]