If you’ve been missing the consumer version of Google Hangouts that you may have used to make group calls, then you’ll be happy to know that the replacement app, Google Duo, is finally adding that particular feature. However, it’s not yet the whole world that will be able to make group calls as it’s only available in selected territories. Google Indonesia is the only official account that has tweeted out this new feature but we’ll probably see it roll out to more countries the next few days.

Google Duo is the video calling app that they introduced a few years back along with messaging app Allo. But while the latter was eventually discontinued, the former has found moderate success and Google has continually enhanced its features. Group video calling is the latest one to be introduced and while it’s still in a sort-of testing phase in some territories, it will be useful to a lot of friends or even colleagues who need to discuss things over a video call.

When it eventually rolls out to you, tap on the “Create group” button under the search bar. You will now be able to add three more contacts to join your call. You will see the names of existing groups below if you have any and names of contacts that it thinks you will be calling. You will need to confirm that you are indeed going to start a group video call. Your screen will be divided as the ones you invited join the call until you have four quadrants when everyone is ready.

Currently, the group video call has only been promoted in Indonesia although Google did say that they have launched in “select regions”. We haven’t seen other countries though where it’s available as well. Indonesia is marketing it as a way for people to get in touch with loved ones who are far way during the Ramadan season.

We’ll also probably see Google adding more users later on than the current four. When they announced the feature back in December, there were eight users shown on a call. Let’s wait for further announcements as to the rollout schedule and also added features.