We might still have some difficulty figuring out Google’s master plan for all the new products that they keep unveiling, but the important thing to note now is that video-calling app Google Duo now has audio calls available in case you just need to hear but not see someone. The feature rolled out in Brazil initially but a tweet from Amit Fulay, a Google exec in charge of Duo, confirms that it is now rolling out globally.

With a simple tweet “#GoogleDuo Audio calls is rolling out worldwide now..” we get official confirmation that everyone else not in Brazil and who has the app installed and of course internet connection will be able to make free audio calls to everyone else who has the app and is online. This is especially useful for those whose network isn’t that strong at the time they need to make a call or who would prefer to just talk to someone over the app rather than seeing them and talking to them as well.

Google Duo has also partnered with app Truecaller to integrate Duo calling into their app. Well, that is if you’re in India where they apparently have 150 million registered users currently. The smart calling app is used by some as an alternative to their phone’s native calling app and now you can add Duo support to the things you can do in the smart calling app.

You can update your Google Duo to start making those audio calls. If not, then expect to have the update in a couple of days or so.

SOURCE: Google

VIA: Tech Crunch