Despite the fact that its messaging partner Allo is now more, calling app Duo seems to be thriving and Google keeps on adding more features to make it useful and easy to use. We’ve heard leaks and rumors that there will be a web version soon and now we have official confirmation: you can now make and take calls on your web browser through the Google Duo app. And unlike other Google apps where you need number authentication or QR codes for the initial set-up, this one is pretty straightforward.

Just head on over to to start using it. The only condition is that you need to associate your Google account on your mobile device and of course you need to be logged on to the Google account. When setting it up, you’ll just need to verify your account with a code sent to the number associated with your mobile app.

All of the contacts synced to your Google Duo app will be visible on the web version. Just tap on the person on the list or search for the contact you want to call. You can do both voice and video calls and if you do the latter, you’ll get a preview window where you can see yourself first. You can also turn on the Knock Knock feature so the person you’re calling would see a video preview of you as well.

While you can answer calls on your web browser, you can also just choose to answer it on your smartphone if you prefer that. The UI can show either regular or narrow video frames. It looks like Google has done a wide rollout so expect it to arrive at your browser if it isn’t already there.


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