If you use Google Drive for your cloud storage and you have a gazillion files in there, chances are you might have wished that Google would just find a way to read your mind so you wouldn’t have to search for the files that you actually need. Okay, probably no one wishes that because it sounds kind of creepy, but the tech giant has found a way to do that. Sort of. A new feature called Quick Access actually predicts what files you will be needing when you open your drive.

When you open your Google Drive on your Android device, you will now see a section at the top called Quick Access. Based on your file behavior and your recurring patterns, it will show you the files that you most likely need or you are probably looking for. Machine learning is a tricky and useful tech for things like this, although it is always slightly creepy since you don’t necessarily want “someone” peeking into your activities. But hey, that’s the price that we pay for wanting to have AI incorporated into our work process.

Google say that the Quick Access feature will shave off 50% of the time you use to look for and open the files you may need. Aside from your Drive activity, it also looks at your interaction with colleagues as well as recurring patterns like regular team meetings, conference calls, etc. G Suite, the newly launched rebranding of Google Apps for Work, is really big on collaboration and the upcoming changes to the various apps, including Google Drive, reflects that.

However, the Quick Access feature will actually only be available for those who are on G Suite. It’s now live for Google Drive on Android, and not yet for desktop or browser. But it will probably arrive soon, so in the meantime, keep on using the cloud service so Google can learn from you, if you’re not creeped out by that.


SOURCE: Google