Next up for Chromecast users? Google Drive presentations. Google is apparently testing a method for getting your presentations straight from Drive onto your TV screen, without the hassle of casting an entire screen or tab.

The utility was spotted by Daniel Lohse, a German Drive user who spotted the functionality under the “Present” tab inside of the presentation document. The dropdown shows the ability to cast the presentation to Chromecast, not the tab.

While Lohse didn’t note whether or not he’d successfully cast a presentation to a TV or other monitor, the functionality is an interesting wrinkle for Chromecast. If presentations can be cast, we wonder if this will come to all Drive utilities, like Docs or other files.

The option is not showing up on our Beta build of Chrome OS. Of course, like all Chromecast functionality, you’ll have to be on the same network as your dongle for it to work. Comments on the post seem to indicate this is a beta feature that somehow leaked out, so we’ll be on the lookout for it in the future.