Google’s Search engine is considered as the best and most powerful today. Its changing algorithms ensure that search results are well-optimized and people are given relevant pages. We can’t count how many times Google has made changes to the search engine results pages but we know that it’s been doing further developments and researches to optimize information. Everything that Google is doing is for the benefit of the web users who deserve correct and accurate data all the time.

Just like Google Search, Google Drive is also aiming to deliver customers several tools to help them be more productive at work. As Google Search becomes more effective, Drive search on the web is also getting a boost with the Natural Language Processing (NLP). The latter is a special feature that allows faster and easier searching on the web or finding files inside the Drive.

The Natural Language Processing makes it easier to look for files and documents. You can search the way you actually talk. It’s already like giving a command to the Drive. Feel free to type “search file x” or “find my document y” and Google will know exactly what you mean and are searching for. It’s said to be smart as NLP can remember what you’ve searched for and use that knowledge for future queries.

Google Drive has enabled spell check within search so incorrect keywords or typos are corrected. The autocorrect feature can provide corrections as you type. This way, Google can search for what you need exactly and hopefully, in a faster manner.

When you use Google Docs, you can also now split the document into multiple columns. This allows easier reading, viewing, and typing. Go to Format> Columns if to check out the formatting options. Since files are available in different formats, Google Drive can save copies for you. To open a file, go to Revision History in Docs, Sheets and Slides on the web.


SOURCE: Google Drive Blog