The masters at Google have been hard at work on what we know as Google Drive. The cloud storage service that is still for the most part unknown, that Google has big plans for in the coming months. We know it’s coming soon, but that is about all we know. This cloud storage online file system has been long awaited from Google and now we are hearing rumors of an April release.

According to GigaOM people close to the matter have detailed that we will be seeing Google Drive land sometime in April for the general public. Although I can see it possibly being launched in a beta test first. Google Drive will offer similar options like and the popular Dropbox only Google has a few advantages that will set them apart from the pack.

For one, millions of people already have a Gmail account so why sign up for the other services? Google Drive will offer 1GB of cloud storage for free (Dropbox offers 2GB) and then they’ll have paid options allowing for more storage. For two, Android users already sync everything from contacts, calender, music, apps and more with Google’s cloud, just not Drive as Drive would be a more personal cloud storage option. And finally because Google will be opening API’s to developers to have access and use Drive too. That means other Android apps can have access and use Android’s simple “share” feature and save files or things to users Google Drive storage.

I can’t wait to see what Google has in store, being able to use everything with one account and sign in, and dropping things like Dropbox sure would be convenient. Gmail storage limits have increased steadily over the years. I’m hopeful that Google Drive will do the same and at least match competitors out of the gate if it does indeed launch next month.

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