If you work with a whole team in your organization, chances are you deal with a lot of files and collaborations. But in reality, you are probably working on just 10-12 files at any given time. Google Drive’s beta program now lets you easily access and identify those files that need your attention by introducing the Priority page or section and also letting you place files in workspaces without having to change their original location. But of course, all of this is still in beta testing mode.

When you open your Google Drive and if you’re on the beta program, you’ll see a new section on the left-hand navigation panel called Priority. It places files that you need to pay attention to and should be high-priority based on machine learning. When you open the page/section, you’ll see the files as well as the comments and even suggested actions to take. You can also reply to the comments directly and open full documents that you agree that you need to take a look at.

The Priority page will also organize your files into what they call “workspaces”. This will let you access these files easily and in just one place without necessarily having to move them into another folder. They will remain in their original place and permissions will also remain the same. You can use Drive’s intelligent file suggestions to add files to the workspace or just manually do it yourself.

As we said, Priority in Drive is still in the beta phase. You will have to apply to join the program. It is only open to G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users. Only G Suite admins can actually apply to be able to access Priority in Drive Beta. All you have to do is fill up the form and wait for the approval.

Hopefully, the beta test goes well so that Priority and the workspace concept will make its way to the stable version of Google Drive. Until then, we’ll have to go on searching for those files we need, when we need it.

SOURCE: Google


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