Google Drive backup error

When the Pixel 4 series arrived, we learned the original quality uploads to Google Photos from Pixel may be over. There is still no confirmation on this one issue but it seems the tech giant is doing something about related uploads and storage. Some Android users have reported that backing up files to Google Drive can be a real challenge especially on devices running Android Pie or Android 10. It is not isolated to Google Pixel phones but across all other OEMs.

Using Google Drive on an Android phone is still possible. However, the device often stops back up without any warning at only. Even when the Google Drive app is updated, the backing up of data stops. Google has not acknowledged the problem so there is no available solution yet.

Some developers have mentioned though a fix they know but it requires adb commands. It is something many ordinary Android users may not know. A potential fix can also be to disable any fingerprint, pattern, face unlock, or PIN code first. Doing this can enable the ‘Back up now’ button again, at least, for some who tried.

The issue is not concentrated on a specific phone or OEM. No number of affected users have been reported but there are many similar concerns. Our source said it is widespread. Interestingly, it is also not linked to G Suite accounts, a security patch, or single or multiple accounts on a mobile device.

Upon checking the phone’s Backup settings (Settings> System> Backup), it is still enabled. However, there are some cases that show the ‘Back up now’ button is now greyed out. Some users reported it is inaccessible.

Google may not be telling us something. There could have been a big change but did not tell the Android community. Maybe it was waiting for us to only notice the change before it will publish an explanation.


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